Edge Critical Of Asuka’s WWE Debut, Mick Foley On Who Is Underutilized, Jim Ross On John Cena vs. Roman Reigns

– During their recent podcast, Edge and Christian commented on Asuka’s main roster debut at the WWE TLC PPV. Edge said the following about her:

“I’m sure I’ll get lambasted for this, but I don’t get the Asuka thing. I really don’t. Like, she’s fine and she’s solid but I don’t know.”

Edge continued, “[The match at TLC] was a little long,” Edge said “but even going back to the NXT stuff I’ve watched and I’ve never… I don’t know… I’ve just never really bought in. And it’s not because I don’t want to or anything like that. I just, I don’t know. Even the entrance and everything it’s very Nakamura-esk and he was doing it first so it just, I don’t know. I’ve never really understood the hype and then last night as I’m watching [at TLC] and I know the ‘powers that be’ hate the head-to-head thing and I was like, ‘ooo that’s not gonna go over well’… more than that what I didn’t get was using an ankle lock on a night when Kurt Angle is stepping back in a WWE ring for the first time in eleven years and it’s actually being used in the main event as something pretty pivotal. Why do you do it as a spot that goes nowhere? That doesn’t lead to anything that leads to kinda getting pitched outa the ring that leads to a trapped-leg German, okay cool but still didn’t lead to anything consequential to the finish. It didn’t make sense to me and those things that I see and I’m like ‘mmm somebody doesn’t get it,’ you know what I mean? Ah…maybe I’m being a d-ck… I don’t know.”

– During a Reddit Q&A, Mick Foley was asked about which WWE superstars he would like to write for. Here was his response:

“I would love to write something for Becky Lynch. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t think we’ve seen the best of her – and her ability to dig down deep for promos is still somewhat underutilized.”

– In an interview with Colin Cowherd, Jim Ross gave his thoughts on the recent John Cena vs. Roman Reigns storyline:

“I was surprised that it got this personal as it did and real. The situation behind the scenes that the audience is not aware of is the keen competition,” Ross said. “If you want to make the big bread and have your name above the title; you know, Steve Austin vs Hulk Hogan above WrestleMania; there’s only a few that can get their names up there, so there is always competition for that spot. John Cena has already had that spot, and is now ready to transition to a lesser role because of his schedule and age, and his life. I think he threw the gauntlet down to challenge Roman Reigns; apparently you are going to be looking for your successor and for that you have a lot of work to do.”