Edge On A Second Season Of His WWE Network Show, New WWE Studios Movie With Lana, Life With Kids

WWE Studios’ “Interrogation” thriller with Lana and WWE Hall of Famer Edge officially hits stores and on-demand today. Edge recently spoke with CraveOnline to promote the movie at this link. Below are highlights:

What fans need to know about the new movie:

In terms of an action movie, it’s more than that. There are explosions and gunplay and car chases and all of that but there are layers. If you enjoy movies and want to see more of your character, this movie has that. It’s a different character than what I have played before, which is nice and it has nothing to do with “Edge.” But it was a good time and if they enjoy it as much as we had fun filming it, that’s all you can ask for.

What parenting is like with Beth Phoenix after recently having their second kid:

It’s amazing. It’s tiring at times. It’s frustrating at times but it’s so much fun. I got to fly to Dublin to work but I’ll fly back and walk in the house and just to see the joy on their faces is just ‘oh my gosh.’ It’s so much fun to see all of these new words spring out of Lyric’s mouth cause she’s a little over two and a half now.

The other day we were playing with Lego blocks and she said ‘This Lego is an enchilada of psychiatry.’ I just stopped and said ‘What?’ Where did you get psychiatry? Just putting those words together was awesome. We have daddy/daughter day and it’s a lot of fun. Now Ruby, our youngest, she’s 10 weeks old and starting to smile and she’s really aware and watching things now and seeing how great Lyric is with her, that’s really fun to see.

If there’s going to be a second season of The Edge & Christian Show on WWE Network:

Yeah, it’s really just a matter of timing, honestly. Now that I’m filming Vikings it’s going to be a lot more difficult to squeeze it in and the only thing that Jay [Christian] and I want to do with a second season is have it all written beforehand because a lot of this was writing as we went because of the time constraints. Initially, we were told we would have a pilot episode and one week to film it to flesh out what the show was and get on board with the other producers. Then we got up there and they needed three episodes in three days [laughs].