Edge On His Friendship With Christian, Idea Behind His Persona, Scott Hall’s Advice

WWE Hall of Famer Edge was the latest guest on Prime Time with Sean Mooney to talk about various topics. Here are the highlights (H/T to Wrestlezone).

The idea of the Edge persona and name:

“No one had an idea. Including me, honestly. They didn’t think I could talk, still, because they had done these interviews with just us, as people, and I just talked like I normally do. And I think within that they saw ‘ahhh, okay I don’t know if this kid can talk.’ So at one point it was thrown around that I was going to be a deaf mute. I was just going to be this guy. This ‘angry guy’ and I thought ‘oh my gosh what do I do with that?’ Talk about just dead in the water. There’s nowhere to go there. So I didn’t end up talking on TV for probably a year and a half?”

“Initially Edge was just supposed to be this, I was told, a tortured soul. I just finished a dark match. I was riding with Don Callis and it was Albany, New York and there’s an ‘EDGE whatever’ station there, ‘EDGE 102’ or something and I thought ‘ah, Edge.’ I didn’t think though in terms of you know the cadence of a crowd being able to change that. I shot myself in the foot there, but it was better than ‘Rage’ or ‘Riot’ which were their [WWE] two ideas.”

Scott Hall‘s sound advice:

“Scott Hall came up and was really, really helpful, he said, ‘you got it. Now you have to learn how to do it in front of 10,000 instead of 10’ and that really stuck with me because that’s what I’ve been wrestling in front of was, you know, a good crowd was 150. That night I wrestled in front of 10,000 people so that’s a biiiig transition. That’s a big leap, but that stuck with me.  I thought ‘Okay, I have to slow things down, make things mean more and translate it and relay it to someone that’s 10,000 people away as opposed to ten.”

Friendship with Christian:

“Just so happened to find two people – same mindset, same drive, same goal. That to me is the crazy part. and he fact that we stuck to it is because we had each other to lean on throughout the years, but to get there, to go through all the training, to wrestle in the barns in Fall Branch, TN and go through all of that stuff and then eventually at WrestleMania 16 to be standing there on top of the table holding the tag team belts, just all very, very surreal at times.”