Edge’s WWE Contract, Triple H Comments On CM Punk – AJ Lee

– Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com discussed Edge’s WWE contract and the rumors that he could be wrestling again. Here is what Johnson said courtesy of RingsideNews.com:

“We’ve been told that Edge signed a new deal. We’ve been told that it has a very nice upside to it financially and you have to think it’s not just a legends deal where they just have him show up and have him do promos. So, I think there’s more smoke to the fire with Edge than there is with Paige as we record this.”

– In an interview with metro.co.uk, Triple H was asked about CM Punk and AJ Lee possibly working with WWE again:

“If it was right for them, for the company, for everyone involved, then absolutely. Don’t think that’s ever been a factor, of somebody saying, ‘This person should be here, or that person should be here.’ Incredible talent are always incredible talent—but there’s so much more to the business than just being a talented performer.”