Eli Drake Talks About His NWA Run So Far

Eli Drake recently appeared on Busted Open Radio to discuss his NWA run thus far and here are the highlights.

Lack of music during entrances: “I think it has been a big surprise for a lot of people. I think it was a surprise for the talent as well with just what we were doing. You go in there with some expectations, and at the same time you go in there not knowing much of anything, especially when we were in there we kind of had a meeting about everything and they told us that we are not going to have any entrance music, there were a lot of people, including myself thinking, ‘What the?’ That is different. That is going to kind of take the air out of the room and kill things I feel like, but it couldn’t have been more of the opposite,” revealed Drake.

“It kind of helped the flow of the show keep going. The people ended up being our music in a sense if you will and it was just an amazing vibe. The crazy thing is that I know people paid a good amount for those tickets but there was a point in time after our first match thinking, did we pay the people because they were so reactive it was like something I had never seen before.”

Promos: “Half the time Dave Lagana will come up to me and tell me to just go out there and do my thing. That first promo that I did on the first episode they really didn’t give me much of a direction,” stated Drake. “All they said to me was to give my mission statement, I said okay and I gave my mission statement. I went out there and said what is on my mind as far as what has bothered me about the business for a while.”