Emma On Her Release From WWE, Working With Paige, More

Tenille Dashwood, formerly known as Emma, recently spoke with the Sporting News about various topics. Here are the highlights:

On her sudden release from WWE:

“I was definitely surprised. I really enjoyed my match with Asuka at the pay-per-view, and that was the first singles match [on pay-per-view] that I had there. So I was definitely surprised when I found out, but it gave me almost like a launching pad to go out and wrestle for all these companies elsewhere. It was almost a reminder for the fans that I can wrestle. So it really helped me moving forward and I’m glad that I can wrestle everywhere now and the demand is there.”

Her matches against Paige in NXT:

“In the [“NXT: The Future is Now”] book it says that the matches that Paige and I had were what kick-started the whole women’s evolution, or revolution, and obviously from there on everyone has just jumped on the opportunity and these women have had some of the most amazing matches. It was special to be a part of, but we never would’ve seen women’s wrestling being where it is today. It just goes to show the talent that’s out there, and when given an opportunity these amazing women are able to deliver.”