Enzo Amore Speaks Out About Scripted Promos In WWE

During an appearance on Konnan’s podcast, Enzo Amore discussed scripted promos in WWE:

“So many times I was handed a script, and the script would change an hour into the show and I would try to remix it, and some of the writers hated that. But when Enzo Amore goes out there and goes off script and he comes back to the curtain he forgets the script,” he said.

He continued, stating that “The only person that really mattered was Vince McMahon, so I never gave a f*** about the writers. If a writer adds something terrible to the script and I wasn’t feeling it, I’m sorry bro. I didn’t ask for permission, I asked for forgiveness, and half the time I went out there and just said what I felt was better because who better than the guy that says ‘My Name is Enzo Amore’? I wrote that, and I hear everybody saying that with me.”