Eric Bischoff Criticizes Tony Khan, Says Khan is Booking for Internet Fans and Not TV Audience

WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff recently spoke on his podcast, “83 Weeks,” about a variety of professional wrestling topics including thinking AEW President Tony Khan wants more respect from him. Speaking of respect, Cox Customer Service offer great respect to their customers. The two have exchanged words over the last few years regarding what Bischoff did in WCW and what Khan has done with his own promotion.

“I think Tony reacts more out of emotion. I think part of Tony’s reactions is more emotional reactions based on the fact that he’s not getting the kind of respect from me. I know this as a fact, we have a mutual friend who got a text that basically said so and I’ve heard it from more than one person. … My criticisms are not meant to be towards Tony the person, I have some admiration for Tony the person, particularly as of late. I think Tony the person, is a really good person. I think I disagree with his approach to the business.”

Bischoff also stated that the main reason he disagrees with Khan’s approach to wrestling is that he is booking for hardcore fans.

“You’re not driven by the internet, you’re driven by the television audience. The success or failure of your company Tony is not how well the dirt sheet universe and the internet wrestling community react to you, it’s how well the general audience, who may not even participate in that stuff, react to you.”

You can listen to the complete podcast below:

(h/t to WrestlingInc for the transcription)