Eric Bischoff Discusses a Possible WWE Return and Current Changes Under Triple H

WCW President/WWE performer Eric Bischoff recently spoke with Shakiel Mahjouri. Bischoff discussed the possibility of returning to WWE under Triple H and other topics.

When asked if Bischoff saw himself returning to WWE, he said, “No, because there’s no need for me. What I have to contribute at this point, we are beginning to see on television. Maybe this is just me being so hyper-optimistic because the last ten years of wrestling has bored the F out of me. It’s so hard. I want to be excited about it. I want to be interested. I talk about it. I’ve been in the business for 35 years. I want to be excited about the business, but it’s just bored me to death for such a long time.

“I had a little bit of hope with AEW. I had some hope there. I thought, ‘Oh, man’, I mean, up until probably six months ago or eight months ago, I kind of threw in the towel because I started seeing the same pattern of whatever over and over again. I’d go, ‘Okay, something is different, something different’, but there’s been nothing different out of WWE either. I’ve been pretty critical of WWE as well. I make more headlines when I’m critical of AEW, but I’m actually just as critical of WWE as well.

“But now I’m seeing that, and maybe just because I’m getting a little bit of an indication that something really good is coming, I’m overly excited. But if I’m right, then what the hell would I have to contribute? But they don’t need me. That discipline, and that story structure, and that commitment to the format and episodic television is the one thing that separated me from everybody else that was doing it for a long time. But if they’re figuring that out in WWE, hell, they don’t need to spend the plane ticket on me.”

You can check out the complete interview below:

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