Eric Bischoff Makes Claim About Paul Heyman’s WWE Creative Control

During his recent podcast, Eric Bischoff talked about his brief run with WWE as Executive Director of Smackdown and Paul Heyman having a similar role with the RAW brand:

“Overall, my respect for WWE is pretty high from Vince McMahon on down. It doesn’t mean that it was a great fit. That doesn’t mean that the chemistry was right, it doesn’t mean that the communication was great. And there’s a lot of just fundamentally human things that could have been much much better. I think for everybody. For them; certainly for them, for Vince McMahon certainly who made the call to let me go. Certainly he was disappointed that it didn’t work out. I know that for a fact.”

“There’s one guy who has creative control. This is not Paul Heyman, I hate to break your bubble, and I love Paul by the way. I regard Paul’s creative abilities and things like that so this is not meant to be any kind of a half assed attempt to take a shot or anything like that. Paul doesn’t have creative control, anybody thinks he does is kidding themselves. I know Paul doesn’t, and neither does anybody. There’s one guy has creative control. And we all know who that is.”