Eric Bischoff On Bobby Roode’s WWE Main Roster Debut, Compares Him To AJ Styles

Eric Bischoff took to his podcast, Bischoff On Wrestling, to comment on Bobby Roode’s recent WWE main roster debut. Here are the highlights:

Could Roode succeed as a main eventer: “I think Bobby Roode has all of the talent in the world to be successful anywhere on the card, including the main event. I can’t say enough good things about Bobby Roode. As a human being, as a performer… I am just surprised it has taken this long quite frankly. I expected Bobby to kind of explode out of the scene much the same way AJ Styles did. I can’t say enough good things about him.”

Does he wish Roode and AJ Styles got their current opportunity in WWE sooner: “No. They are where they are because of what they learned, because of the experience and because of the journey. Both AJ and Bobby, neither one of them are injury prone. I still think they’ve got a lot of runway left in them. I really, really do. They are great athletes, unbelievably talented, smart, they know how to conduct themselves both in and out of the ring. All of that will lead to a lot of longevity in my opinion. I think we are going to be seeing AJ Styles and Bobby Roode for a long time to come.”