Eric Bischoff Reveals He Stays In Touch With Paul Heyman: “He’s One Of My Favorite People”

Eric Bischoff is actually fond of Paul Heyman.

Despite their past issues, which led many to consider the two to be lifelong mortal enemies as the promoters of WCW and ECW during the days of “the big three” pro wrestling companies based out of North America in the late-1990s, Bischoff actually considers Heyman to be one of his “favorite people.”

During the latest installment of his “83 Weeks” podcast, the former WCW Executive Vice President and former WWE executive and on-air performer spoke about the signing of Raven and Stevie Richards from ECW to WCW, as well as how this involved Heyman.

Featured below is an excerpt from the episode where he touches on this topic with his thoughts, and comments on his fondness of Heyman.

“I remember having dinner with Paul. I don’t remember seeing the contract, although that may have happened. I do remember having dinner with Paul, but I don’t even remember talking about Raven. We probably did, but I don’t remember seeing the contract, and it wouldn’t have mattered. It was Paul Heyman for God’s sake. Does anybody think that Paul Heyman at that time was above signing somebody else’s or forging somebody’s name to a contract to prove a point? I don’t.

“I love Paul Heyman by the way. He’s one of my favorite people and we stay in touch, but he was about as sleazy as any sleazy wrestling promoter that I met at that time, meaning he would do what he had to do. Sleazy isn’t the right word. He would do whatever he had to do, and he would justify it in a way that he felt perfectly comfortable with whatever decision he made, or statement he made, because he could justify it in his mind.”

Check out the complete episode of the “83 Weeks” podcast where Eric Bischoff comments more about this subject, as well as others from the world of pro wrestling, by visiting H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.