Eric Bischoff Says His Advice To Tony Khan Would Be To ‘Shut Up and Wrestle’

During his latest 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff discussed AEW President Tony Khan’s recent interviews and tweets about competing with WWE:

“If Tony were to call me and ask for any advice, here’s what it would be — shut up and wrestle dude. Just put out the best product you can and you’ve proven you can, focus on that. This is weird coming from me right? The guy that challenged Vince McMahon, the guy that gave away all of the finishes…but here’s the difference, I was actually competing with them. I was going head-to-head, real head-to-head, my show started the same time his show started every week.”

As far as Khan saying he wouldn’t make the same mistakes as Khan, Bischoff said “Tony, you’re inventing some mistakes” and continued:

“I’m a little disappointed in the rhetoric I’m hearing out of Tony as well as some of the talent man. Shut the f**k up until you’re actually competing and you’re actually competing favorably. And by the way Tony, in 1996, I was kicking WWE’s a** every week in a real head-to-head competition, not a cosplay competition.”