Eric Bischoff Speaks Out About Intergender Wrestling, Talks Sable – WCW

After 83 Weeks with Christy Olson recently spoke with Eric Bischoff about intergender wrestling, while admitting why matches between men and women can be problematic in today’s culture. While discussing Uncensored 1996 Eric also answers whether he ever considered bringing WCW star Marc Mero’s then wife, Sable into the company. Here are the highlights:

On intergender wrestling becoming taboo: Now we live in a culture where people get up in the morning, they have a pot of coffee and a shot of Ritalin and they spend their entire frickin’ day looking for a way to become a victim, or to become offended, or to become woke about something that they weren’t woke about yesterday.

Eric says intergender matches are progressive: If you believe in equality, you believe men and women are equal, you believe all that stuff, and the woman wants to get in the ring and have a match with a man then why the hell not?! Why would you say that’s wrong? Why would anybody be offended about that? Why would there be a group of people who got woke in the morning and decided that a man having scripted violence against a woman is probably going to somehow end the world as we know it, or whatever they come up with.

Whether intergender wrestling belongs on TV: To me it seems like why the hell not? If she wants to do it, and he wants to do it, and it makes sense and it could be entertaining for the fans, why not?! But I think it’s a very fine line, you know. I’m glad I’m not producing wrestling in today’s environment, because the line not only is it a fine line, but it’s a line that changes every day.

Did Eric ever consider hiring Sable for WCW?: No, I never thought about bringing her in as a talent, because if you would’ve met her back then she was the most quiet, just shy, almost extremely introverted. So it never would have occurred to me that she would ever even have wanted to go anywhere near the front of the camera. That shows you what I knew. Cut to…she’s on the cover of Playboy!