Eric Young Addresses His Status With WWE

In an interview NewsChannel 5, Eric Young talked about his run with WWE:

“I was hired through Triple H and Steven Regal, went to NXT. I was allowed to stay here [Nashville]. I wasn’t asked to move. I just did television and road shows had a great run there, loved my time there. If I’m being completely honest, it rekindled my fire for wrestling,” Young said. “I think if you’re at any place long enough or doing one thing long enough, it gets stale. It doesn’t matter what it is. I was with TNA wrestling for over 12 years, and I owe them everything. They employed me for 12 years. I lived a good life. I traveled the world, entertained millions of people all over the place. I don’t get to go to WWE to fulfill my dream if it wasn’t for them, and I owe them a lot.”

“The Sanity gimmick didn’t work on TV. The other two guys went back to NXT and I was asked to go to Monday Night RAW. Right now, it’s a holding pattern for me,” Young said. “I can say that I’m very well taken care of. I’m very respected in the circles there. I did some producing. I was asked to come do some producing, so I did 16 weeks of that. I liked it, but I’m not ready to retire. I’m lucky. I’ve avoided getting hurt lots of times. I’ve definitely been injured. Wrestled with a broken ankle before. Wrestled with a broken wrist, broken fingers, sprains, pulls and all that, but I’ve never missed a show ever in 20 years.”