Ethan Page’s Father Sends A Message To Ken Shamrock Prior To Slammiversary (Video)

As many of you know by now, The North (Josh Alexander and Ethan Page) will be defending their tag-team titles against Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock at Slammiversary. Ethan Page posted the following video over the weekend, showing his father (“Big Daddy G” George) cutting a promo on Ken Shamrock. He said,

“Ken Shamrock, come a little closer because I know you’re just as old as I am and just as deaf as I’m getting to be. We’re the same age, born in ’63, and yeah, I think I’m in the best shape in my life life, but let me tell you something. Look behind me. That’s the future. That’s my son. That’s right, my son, the future Hall of Famer, the future World Champion, and guess what? He’s been training for this his whole life. Dude, I know what it feels like to be our age and think that you’re in the best shape in your life and you can do everything, but let me tell you something. There comes a point in a man’s life where he knows that it’s time to give it up, hang up the gloves, and let the future take over. So, Slammiversary? You should retire before you get there because if not, my son’s going to retire you for good. You can take that one to the bank.”

Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary pay-per-view event will take place on July 18th.