Eva Marie Defends WWE After Former Model Criticized The Business

We noted earlier on the site that Mia Khalifa, who is a social media personality and former webcam model, recently talked about Ronda Rousey going to WWE during a YouTube show.

“This is where her career will go to die. I have no respect for the WWE. I don’t think it’s a real sport.” She continued, “You go from real fights to wearing a sequin unitard and pretending to fight?”

Former WWE Superstar Eva Marie is featured on the latest episode of Complex Magazine’s “Out of Bounds” show that also featured Khalifa. During the episode, Eva challenged Mia’s claims that wrestling isn’t a real sport.

“Some moves are [choreographed], so like you’ll go over your finish, whoever’s gonna win or lose because that’s predetermined,” Eva said. “However, when you’re in there, usually you’re just going toe-to-toe. So like, if I have you in a headlock, then I’m telling you right then and there what we’re doing next.

“You have your producers in the back, adjusting to the crowd. ‘Hey, uh, actually we’re gonna go this way. Change the finish, change whatever you have going on.’ So you can’t really choreograph the dance because everything gets mixed up.”

“NFL, NBA, they all have off-seasons. Wrestling doesn’t have an off-season. We’re on the road 209 days out of the year, performing in different cities every single night. Where you have your NBA, and NFL and major league and they’re taking charter flights going to the next city. We’re driving in rent-a-cars to the next city.”