Ex-Manager Remembers Giant Gonzalez, Update On Damian Demento

— Bruno Lauer (a/k/a Harvey Wippleman), commented on the passing of friend and colleague Jorge González (a/k/a Giant González) to RasslinRiotOnline.com.

“I would like to take time here to address the passing of my dear friend Jorge Gonzales, also known as Giant Gonzalez [during his tenure with me] and El Gigante, when he was with WCW. I was Jogo’s [nickname short for his name] manager the entire time he was with the WWE and not only was I his manager, but I was his friend and confidante as well aka his errand boy! Not that I minded either…s**t if I was 8 feel tall, I’d want somebody to run out and get my food and medicine too! Jogo was always a gentleman and a true friend. He actually did something completely out of character for me one time when he was in Memphis to work a shot or 2 for USWA. He came to Walls, MS [my hometown] and visited the old Loretta’s beer joint, which has since burnt down. He came to see me just so all my friends and neighbors could have the excitement of meeting not only TV star in our little delta town, but a giant – not only physically, but in heart as well. I know he is in a better place now, so GOD bless you, my friend.”

— In an update on Damian Demento, the former WWE star is trying his hand at acting. He has posted monologues from various movies on YouTube including The Dark Knight, A Few Good Men, Jurassic Park, and High Noon, among others. To view his various monologues, click here.

Additionally, he posted a video late last night entitled “GIMMICK IS DEAD MONOLOGUE” denouncing professional wrestling, in response to wrestling news sites noting his acting aspirations. He says he wants to break into acting and is thus trying to distance himself from the wrestling business. He concludes his video by saying he can’t wait for the “god damn day” Undertaker retires so no one mentions him again. To view the video, click here.

— Today is former WWE star Rico Constantino’s birthday as he turns 49 years old. He is currently working as an Airport Control Officer in Las Vegas for the Nevada Taxi Cab Authority.

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