Ex-WWE Diva Gets Robbed, Renee Young On JBL’s Departure, The Miz & Bubba Ray On Fans Approaching Stars

– Former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly revealed that she had $50,000 worth of items stolen from her public storage facility. Here is what she wrote:

“Attention guys my stuff got stolen inside of my storage unit @PublicStorage in el segundo, ca they stole purses and jewelry. Beware of that @PublicStorage apparently it happens all the time they have no cameras nothing so no way to find out who did it so please RT. And hopefully they will do something to compensate me for at least 50,000 worth of things stolen.”

– Renee Young responded to talk about her possibly replacing JBL as a color commentator on Smackdown Live with the following message:

– In response to recent comments by Sasha Banks about fans that cross the line, Bubba Ray said the following on Twitter:

– Video has also resurfaced from a Miz interview a few years back where he was asked about fans that approach him at what some would consider to be inappropriate times. Here is what he said:

“Whether it’s an adult asking for my autograph or a kid, whether I’m eating or doing something I don’t want to do, it’s like ‘They want my autograph’. It’s kind of a privilege and an honor… They’re the people that pay my bills.”