Finn Balor Getting A Major Push?, Jim Ross Comments On His Future Plans

– As seen at the WWE TLC PPV, Finn Balor picked up a victory over Drew McIntyre. It appears that WWE is giving a renewed push to Balor and here is what Dave Meltzer of said about the situation:

“And Finn Balor, after being mired in the middle, is about to get a significant push, at least for a little while.”

– During his recent podcast, Jim Ross commented on his future plans:

“Let me say this right away, a little piece of business. I have not, as far as I’m concerned, broadcast my last match on AXS TV. I’m unable to get back on their air until passed the end of March, but I am optimistic that I will, somewhere along the way, rejoin the team in some capacity. So I’ll just throw that in there. That’s all.”

“[More MMA broadcasting] is possible. I’m probably going to be doing a lot things that I haven’t been doing come Spring. I’d like to do some more boxing. I’d like to do some football. I’d like to do some MMA. But I’m never going to deviate too far from my [pro] wrestling roots. That’d be stupid.”