‘F**k CM Punk’ Chants Featured on the Return of Being The Elite

(Photo Credit: AEW)

Being The Elite returned to YouTube this afternoon after a two-month hiatus.

The episode began with some behind-the-scenes footage from the day of AEW Full Gear, with Matt Jackson changing into his gear in the back of a van and showing off their new gear for the first time for a photoshoot.

There was also a segment with Evil Uno and Alex Reynolds discussing everything they had filmed over the last six weeks, including a kayaking session with Mike Tyson. Brandon Cutler informed them that they would be on hiatus for 6 weeks and that the footage would not be available.

They also showed footage of The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega’s in-ring return at Full Gear from the Cutler Cam, as well as footage of the “F**k CM Punk” chants.

Matt and Nick Jackson discussed their return and how stressful the last few months have been at the end of the episode. Matt stated that they are in the process of healing, and that their return to Full Gear was the first step. They also claimed to have received “Carry on Wayward Son” at the last minute.

NEFFEX’s music was played during the in-ring footage, and the lyrics will have some people talking:

“I don’t ever slow up
No I don’t take sh*t
I got no love
For the fakeness
If you wanna play tough
And wanna hate this
I’ll always show up
And make a statement”

You can watch the episode below:

The song that was played during the in-ring clips can be heard below: