FOCO Release New Bobbleheads Featuring Roman Reigns and Jeff Hardy vs. Edge

FOCO has released new bobbleheads featuring Roman Reigns and a iconic bobblehead for the WWE 20th anniversary of Edge vs Jeff Hardy at WrestleMania. Both bobbleheads are limited to 144 pieces, and ships at the end of the July. Here are some more details and images:

Roman Reigns Features

– Portrays Reigns posing on top of the entrance ramp
– Backdrop displaying Reigns’ logo and Head of the Table text display
– WWE logo on top of backdrop
– Show Up & Win text display on reverse side of backdrop
– Metal textured top of base
– Front ramp name display
– Hand painted
– Handcrafted
– Measurements

Height: Approximately 8 in.

Edge vs. Jeff Hardy Features

– Portrays Edge spearing Hardy off a ladder during their historic tag team championship ladder match at WrestleMania X-Seven
– Wrestling ring base with ring rope and turnbuckle accents
– WrestleMania 17 logo display
– Front text with name, event, and location displays
– Hand painted
– Handcrafted
– Measurements

Height: Approximately 8 in

Click here to view the Roman Reigns WWE Bobblehead and click here to view Edge vs Jeff Hardy WWE Wrestlemania Moment Dual Bobblehead at FOCO.