Former Publicist To “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase Authors Book

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Publicist William J. Bruce III who served as Ted DiBiase’s publicist and agent steps away to publish book.

ONTARIO, CANADA – (November 9, 2010) – After nearly ending his life in 2007 publicist William J. Bruce III is now ready to talk. Nearly four years ago William came very close to killing himself in what he describes as a very dark point in his life.

“I was just at the end of my rope, and at times wanted it to end.” William says reflecting on the events that led to his near death. “I didn’t realize how valuable my life was until I was literally hanging by a thread.”

Read for the first time the incredible true story of publicist William J. Bruce III. With foreword by Ted DiBiase himself, this book will take you on the inspiring journey on how William went from the pinnacle point in his life to his tragic near death experience to where God not only saved his life but restored all that was given to him.

William went on to serve for another three more years as publicist and ministerial booking agent to Ted DiBiase the Million Dollar Man of World Wrestling Entertainment.

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