Former ROH Owner Believes Some AEW Wrestlers Are ‘Worried About Their Spot’

During an interview with, former Ring of Honor owner Cary Silkin talked about his experience of being backstage at an AEW event:

“There are so many guys there, so many guys. I am not going to bring up any names, but there were guys that were flown in to do nothing. It was a very good vibe. But since I’ve been around the back for 20 years, wrestlers are always unconfident, worried about their spot. I could feel that going on. Certainly not with a Bryan Danielson or Hangman Page, but there’s just a lot of people there.”

Silkin also talked about wrestlers that are currently free agents:

“I don’t know where all those people are going to land. There’s just so much good talent. If we talk ROH for a second; [Matt] Taven, Dalton Castle, obviously The Briscoes, there are just so many names, Vincent, that have been working on their characters, Shane Taylor. These are solid people that if you or I were running a show, I think we’d want to have them.”