Former UFC Fighter Calls Professional Wrestling “Lame” and Comments On CM Punk

Former UFC fighter Alistair Overeem did an interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour and took shots at the professional wrestling business. Overeem also commented on CM Punk:

“It’s lame, it’s not even a sport…it’s lame, it’s bad acting, it’s just lame. Sorry to all the fans of WWE. I’m just being honest, I’m giving my opinion. Free country right? I think it’s lame. I hadn’t seen it for 20 years, I knew it was there. Never watched Brock [Lesnar] fight, I never watched CM Punk fight… why did nobody warn CM Punk what he was getting into? Of course, he can’t fight in the UFC. Of course, he cannot do that. You should’ve been more honest. You should’ve warned that guy about what he was getting himself into. That man got mentally destroyed in the octagon. If you look at his WWE stuff, I never watched his WWE stuff, but if you look at it you can already predict it beforehand. This man is going to have a bad experience in the UFC.”