Former WWE Star Calls Tiffany Stratton A “Knock Off Barbie” And Steals Moves

(Photo Credit: WWE)

A former WWE star has a problem with Tiffany Stratton and is making it known on social media.

Stratton signed with WWE in 2021 after training with Greg Gagne. She won the NXT Women’s Championship, which she held for 107 days at NXT Battleground 2023 before losing to Becky Lynch in September.

She worked the Women’s Royal Rumble Match, where she entered as number 29 and made it to the final four before being eliminated earlier this year and promoted to the main roster.

As seen below, Ash By Elegance, aka Dana Brooke, is upset with Stratton after a fan commented on a video of her hitting a Swanton bomb that Stratton does it better than her. She then claimed that Stratton stole everyone’s moves and gimmicks.

The former WWE star also claimed that she was a Barbie knockoff. Stratton is yet to respond.

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