Former WWE Star Critical of Greg Hamilton Then Apologizes, News On Wade Barrett’s Future

– Former WWE star Tazz wrote the following on Twitter about Smackdown Live ring announcer Greg Hamilton:

Tazz then released a video where he apologized about his tweet regarding Greg Hamilton being a “mark from himself.” You can check out the video below:

– Former WWE star Wade Barrett recently did an interview with and commented on his new role as General Manager of WCPW/Defiant Wrestling. During the interview, Barrett was asked if he plans on wrestling again:

“I have my good days and bad days. There’s days where I think I don’t miss it all and then there’s days like yesterday [at Refuse to Lose on October 2] where you see the kind of reactions the guys were getting and get that desire to get back in the ring. I’m 99 per cent certain I will wrestle again at some point, I just couldn’t tell you when. I have those days where I’m like ‘no, everything hurts, I don’t ever wanna get back in a wrestling ring again’ – but I have days where I feel great and can’t wait to get back in. I knew at some point I’ll be wanting to get back in, so if the right opportunity comes along we’ll get it done.”