Former WWE Star Fuels Rumors of a Return to the Ring

There have been rumors about a former WWE NXT Champion making a comeback to the ring for months, and those rumors have mainly focused on AEW or a potential return to WWE.

Whatever Johnny Gargano is going through, his most recent social media post appears to indicate that he is prepared to make a comeback. Even though anything is possible and he could make his AEW debut, most indications point to him returning to WWE and possibly joining the main roster.

Gargano last competed at the NXT WarGames event in December, and although WWE wanted him to stay, he decided to let his contract expire so he could spend time with his pregnant wife Candice LeRae at home and consider his career options.

At the time of his departure from WWE, there was a perception that even if he were promoted to the main roster, Vince McMahon would not favor him and would instead push him to the lower part of the card.

With Triple H now in charge of creative, the chances of him appearing on Raw or SmackDown have increased significantly. Gargano has been in contact with Shawn Michaels since his departure from WWE, and he is said to be interested in returning.

The video from Spider-Man 2 below has fans drawing their own interpretations as to what it means. Whatever it is, it appears that he will return soon.

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