Former WWE Star Shad Gaspard Arrested Saturday

Former WWE talent Shad Gaspard was arrested Saturday in Columbus, Ohio. His wife claims he was arrested for ‘crossing the street’.

She wrote on Twitter:

“This is Shad’s wife everyone. I want to address the rumors that are going on around the Internet right now about Shad’s arrest. He was indeed arrested today, in Columbus. No use denying it. But Shad did nothing wrong, he was trying to attend the Arnold Classic, and can you guys believe that the Columbus police department has nothing better to do than arrest him for crossing the street????!! That’s what they got him for “pedestrian in roadway” I think we should all stand up and be heard! Too many cops abusing their authority!! Apparently they even decided that it was necessary to tackle him…. I am very disappointed in those who “serve and protect” right now.”

She later added that Gaspard’s bail has been posted and a lawyer has been hired. She noted that footage of Gaspard ‘being mistreated and arrested for nothing’ will be surface online today.

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