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(Tampa, FL)- Two former WWE wrestlers, now a married couple, ‘Kizarny’ aka SiNN BODHi “the Warlord of Weird” is now living happily ever after with former WWE Woman’s Champion and one of the pioneers to the WWE Attitude Era, Stacy ‘The Kat’ Carter.

They also decided to combine their forces to present an interactive, website like never seen before at

Check out their blog, pictures and videos of their psycho circus wrestling shenanigans as they travel to wrestling shows, freak shows & other crazy places.

You’ll watch them run into stars they know like Jim Rose, Jake the Snake, Edge, Jimmy Hart, Angelina Love and many other freaks and wrestlers in addition to rock bands like GodSmack, Alice in Chains and GNR. It’s a must read and see for all wrestling and freaky fans; Sinnamon Muffinz and Katoholicz alike!

You’ll also witness SiNN Bodhi’s show stunts which include: live electric chair human pop tart, drinking boiling water with razor blades & thumb tacks, live rabbit juggling, human dartboard, bending an iron bar in his teeth, mind reading, bed-o-nails body slam and more. The stunts will leave you cringing in your seat.

Stacy & SiNN are like six degrees of Kevin Bacon regarding wrestling & freaks!

You’ll see the insanity onstage combined with lovable silliness backstage and on the road. Now that’s a SinnVsStacy TV show BRUTHAZ & SiSTAZ!

Visit their website for all the videos and stories.

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