Former WWE Superstar At The Royal Rumble?, Charlotte Flair Talks Evolution II

– According to, former WWE star Santino Marella is reportedly in Houston for the Royal Rumble weekend activities. It’s possible Marella will be an entrant in one of the Rumble matches as himself or the Santina character for the women’s match. It’s also possible that Marella is in town just to film content for the WWE Network.

– In an interview with, Charlotte Flair commented on a possible Evolution II PPV:

“I’m a huge fan of Evolution. But I also think there’s something to whether we have an all-female Pay-Per-View or not. I’m a firm believer that I want to be on the card with men going, ‘I’m going to have the best match.’ So do I want Evolution? Yes, but if it’s something that doesn’t happen again I’m not opposed to it because I want to go, ‘Okay, I had the best match out of any male or female on the roster.’”