Former WWE Superstar Feels Racism Held Him Back

Former WWE star Ahmed Johnson recently appeared on the Why It Ended podcast and talked about why he felt his push wasn’t sustained in WWE:

“I was supposed to work against Shawn for the World Championship, but that kept getting pushed back further and further. There were people getting hurt and different things happening. I believe that if things would have went by the book the way I wanted to I would have probably been World Champion.”

“I do think that it was behind my back, not just from what Shawn was saying, but some other racist boys were saying, I really do.”

“Because with the things I heard from some of the boys about what Shawn was saying about handing over the belt to an African American and this, that, and the other. Then when I won the [Intercontental] belt, someone scratched, ‘Congratulations N*gger’ on my car — on my rental car.”

“Then you got some people saying it was Shawn, some saying it was Steve [Austin]. I don’t know which one it was but they were all too cowardly to stand up to it.”