Former WWE Writer Criticizes Multiple Segments From This Week’s RAW

During’s Legion of RAW podcast, former WWE writer Vince Russo was critical of several segments from the May 3rd edition of RAW. Russo said the following about the “coin flip” to determine WWE Champion Bobby Lashley’s opponent in the main event:

“I never say, ‘Don’t watch this’ but I will say this tonight, when they’re flipping a coin to book matches, that is a rib directly on the fans. That is a rib, directly on whoever is watching this show. They are getting behind closed doors and literally saying, ‘We’ll flip a coin to see what we book, they’ll watch anything.’ That’s what they’re doing. They are insulting your intelligence to the lowest level. They’re literally laughing at you…flipping a coin to book a match and that’s how you’re going to open a show?”

Russo commented on the Lashley vs. Braun Strowman match that had interference from Drew McIntyre:

“How much did they miss at the end? Lashley’s Spear on Braun was awful. The Claymore… Drew didn’t come anywhere close. I’m like… think about this, we watched 3 hours of absolute cr*p and that’s the last thing we see, bro. It’s like these two spots that couldn’t have been any more missed.”

Russo also addressed the promo with Charlotte Flair, Rhea Ripley, and Asuka:

“This turned into… this three-way promo was atrocious. Atrocious,” Russo said. “See, here’s the problem. There are only 750 men that play Major League Baseball. 750 men are in the major leagues. I watch a lot of baseball and I’m watching pros. Every one of those 750 guys, they’re pros. I’m very impressed by the pros because you’re the best in the world. That’s what this show is supposed to be. Then I’m watching this three way promo turn into a brawl and I’m like, this is amateur hour. They look like amateurs out there. They don’t look like pros. I’m sorry. I’m watching this verbal exchange and it’s horrible. They look like amateurs, like if you go to a community play. That’s what it looks like.”

You can check out the full podcast below: