Former WWE Writer Got Emotional Over Cody Rhodes Winning the WWE Royal Rumble

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Former WWE Creative Writer Freddie Prinze Jr. recently spoke on his podcast, “Wrestling With Freddy,” about a variety of professional wrestling topics including getting emotional after Cody Rhodes’ 30-Man Royal Rumble victory.

He said, “Cody’s up there, you can see him mouth the words, ‘Dad, I did it,’” Prinze said. “Every son that’s lost a father, and then accomplishes great things after their father’s gone, that moment hits you so hard, man. It’s the thing you want to see in movies, you know what I mean? I did that the first time I booked a big job. I went to my father’s grave, put my hand on the plaque, and said, ‘Dad, I did it,’ word for word. So, it just hit me so hard.”

You can check out the complete podcast below:

(H/T to Wrestling Inc for the transcription)