Former WWE Writer Talks Last Minute Changes In WWE, Backstage Issues, CM Punk & More

Former WWE creative writer Chris “Big Dick Johnson” DeJoseph, who worked alongside Vince McMahon, recently took part in an exclusive interview with DeJoseph speaks on several topics from his time in WWE, what he’s been up to since leaving the company, Vince McMahon, last minute changes in WWE, backstage issues, CM Punk and more. Check out the complete interview below.

First of all thank you for taking the time to sit down with You started with WWE in 2004. What was your background before that?

Before I started with the WWE in August of 2004 I had attended school for Television Production and was worked in Independent Wrestling doing interviews and commentary at Connecticut Championship Wrestling. I brought my resume to the WWE multiple times, just trying to get my foot in the door until finally they gave me a shot as an intern in the International TV Department. Within five months I was a writers assistant on the Creative Team.

What was it like when you met Vince McMahon for the first time?

First time I met Vince was cool. I got him the first of many coffees. He thanked me. I introduced myself to Mr. McMahon. He told me to call him Vince.

Christopher DeJoseph and Vince McMahon
Christopher DeJoseph and Vince McMahon

Walk us through your first day. What was that like?

Well first day as an intern in production I got to QC UK RAW. It was incredible, most people didn’t like it but I couldn’t believe that I was actually being paid to watch wrestling.

My first day on the Creative Team was a bit different. I had to make sure everyone’s coffee and lunch orders were perfect. I took a little flack. I was nervous, but soon I was able to feel like I could fit in with the bunch.

When you started working with WWE, were you encouraged to interact with other wrestlers and get other ideas?

While on the Creative Team, I always tried to interact with talent and talk about ideas. It’s part of the job.

What were some of your favorite angles that you worked on while you were there?

My favorite angles that I worked on would probably be Jeff Hardy vs. Edge, Undertaker vs. Edge, Just about everyone vs. Edge, Matt Hardy vs. MVP, Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk, there were too many fun angles to remember. I always enjoyed working with Shawn Michaels.

Christopher DeJoseph and DX
Christopher DeJoseph and DX

What have you been doing since leaving WWE?

Since I left the WWE. I have enjoyed my less stressful life off of the Road that Never Ends. I have worked as a producer in Reality TV for the most part. Most notable shows being Big Brother and Redneck Island.

How often were last minute changes made to WWE scripts?

All the time.

Were there any major last minute changes you had to go through at any stage?

Last minute changes happened daily. I’ve given Edge a promo for segment one, 5 minutes before RAW went on the air. He hit a home run. During Edge and Vickie’s Wedding Reception we were literally writing the show as we went. I would sneak their copy out to the stage during breaks.

How did your Big Dick Johnson character come about, do you feel it was a success?

BDJ was actually created as a joke in a meeting and I was chosen to do it. At that point I wanted to do anything I could for the company. Never thought it would’ve continued after the first time, but it just kept happening. I never pitched for myself. Looking back now, I think it was crazy, but then again so am I.

Was Michael Hayes on your team? A lot of guys butt heads with him. How was it working with him?

Michael Hayes was on my team, my entire time on the Creative Team. RAW and SmackDown. I love Michael. Never butted head with him. You probably heard that from people he fired after a few weeks. He was a mentor to me and together we ran Smackdown for a long time. He was demanding as hell. But we had some great success together.

What was it like working with Stephanie McMahon?

When I actually worked with her, ok.

What are your thoughts on Triple H?

He was always nice to me. He has a great sense of humor too.

When the time does comes for Triple H and Stephanie to take over from Vince, will that be a good thing or a bad thing, do you think that it is time for Vince to step down?

Tough for me to say. But there are a lot of talented people at WWE. They’ll make it work. The show must go on.

Did you have any issues with anyone backstage during your time in WWE?

Kid Kash cornered me once. He was released soon after. And I once got in a fight in a limousine with a high power executive.

What are your thoughts on the current CM Punk situation?

I think Punk is gone…for now.

Everyone here at wishes you the best of the luck for the future. Thanks again for taking the time to sit down with Do you have any final messages to say to our readers?

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