Former WWE Writer Thinks Roman Reigns Needs To ‘Crush’ Edge

During his latest Writing with Russo video on’s YouTube channel, Vince Russo talked about the idea of Edge possibly beating Roman Reigns for the Universal Title at WWE Wrestlemania 37:

“Well, booking it the correct way, no… Oh, my God bro. It can’t happen. So I’m not even going to think about it. You can’t beat a guy who is at the prime and perhaps pinnacle of his career with a guy who broke his neck and hasn’t been in a wrestling ring in… like, you just can’t do it, bro. You just can’t do it.”

“If it were me, I’m sorry, Edge, I love you, I worked with the guy, great guy. Bro, you had your day in the spotlight. Reigns needs to beat Edge in 10 seconds. I’m sorry, bro. No disrespect. It’s Roman’s time. I was just watching an interview with a baseball player that retired, Alonzo. And he was saying, it wasn’t my time anymore. It wasn’t my time. Bro, Edge has had his time. With all due respect. Reigns needs to crush him!”

You can check out the video below: