Frankie Kazarian Speaks On What Sets AEW Apart From Other Places He’s Worked

During a recent appearance on GAW TV, Frankie Kazarian explained what sets AEW apart from other places he’s worked. Kazarian has worked for the likes of TNA Wrestling and Ring of Honor. He gives Tony Khan and his squad credit for coming from the NFL.

“One of the main things I think that sets AEW apart from any company I’ve been a part of is the fact that the Khan’s and the management team come from the NFL, and they’re dealing with high dollar athletes,” Kazarian said (per Fightful). “So we are treated very much like athletes. We are not just cogs in the wheel. They realized that the athletes are the lifeblood. So the way they take care of us medically, the way they take care of us in terms of travel, the way they take care of us in terms of checking in our mental health is.”

He continued, “All these things that are kind of foreign to me as a guy that came up on the indies. You’ve all been there, where we had to fight and scratch and claw to even get an ice pack after a match or something. Those are all things that AEW has done very well and things that I think are going to help continue to help AEW set themselves apart from everything else going on right now.”