Fuego Del Sol Reacts To Sammy Guevara Using His Mask To Help Chris Jericho At AEW Dynamite

Fuego Del Sol wants justice.

Although they are longtime friends, Fuego Del Sol doesn’t appear to be pleased with Sammy Guevara using his mask and image to pull a fast one on Ortiz to ensure his blond locks remain attached to his head.

Following the surprise appearance by “The Spanish God” (dressed as Fuego Del Sol) in his sneak attack during the Hair vs. Hair match between Chris Jericho and Ortiz at last week’s AEW Dynamite: Road Rager 2022 special event in St. Louis, MO., Fuego Del Sol took to social media to comment on the situation.

“This man must be stopped and held accountable,” Fuego Del Sol wrote in a post on his Twitter page replying to a video clip of the reveal of Guevara under the Del Sol mask at Dynamite: Road Rager. “And for God’s sake keep your damn tongue inside your mouth!”

Fuego Del Sol concluded the tweet with a hash-tag that read, “#JusticeForFuego.”

Check out the actual tweet from the official Twitter page of Fuego Del Sol via the post embedded below.