Full WWE RAW Spoilers For Tonight

Here are the spoilers for this week’s WWE RAW which was taped last Monday night in Des Moines, IA:

* Entrance stage is setup with Christmas decorations. A bunch of fans left cuz they thought WWE RAW was over.

* Kevin Owens beat Mojo Rawley in street fight after powerbomb in table. Then he called out Seth Rollins and AOP. He hit Seth but got beat up at the end. KO destroyed a Christmas Tree.

* Lashley and Cedric Alexander battle until Lana gets on mic and says her and Lashley are getting married next week.

She says Bobby and Cedric need a Greco Roman wrestling match so Lashley doesn’t get bruised for his wedding.

The match goes on. Lashley wins. No Rusev. I guess he will ruin the wedding next week.

* Drew beats Zack Ryder and beats up Hawkins as well.

“2020 belongs to Drew McIntyre!” -Drew

* Becky cuts promo at the top of the hour promo spot.

Says she wants to vs Asuka next. She won’t take no for an answer. Asuka says “Asuka 2 belts!” Becky replies, “Name a time and place.” Music hit. Probably at Royal Rumble.

* Alister Black beats some dude in 10 seconds with Black Mass.

Buddy Murphy comes out on stage and stares him down as he goes to fight some dude. Murphy wins in 10 seconds. Black hits Murphy with Black Mass. Black vs Murphy next show.

* Ricochet over Tony Nese with Code Breaker.

* Charlotte Flair over Chelsea Green. She had the same type of tron as Deonna Purrazzo.

* Orton and Viking Raiders vs OC. AJ hits phenomenal forearm to pick up the win for OC.

* Erick Rowan squash match.

* Rusev says he’s not upset that Lashley and Lana are getting married. Says the best punishment Bob could have is marrying Lana.

No Way Jose out. Rusev squashes him. Then Rusev Spinaroonies and conga lines out of here.

* Seth Rollins vs. Rey Mysterio. Match ends in DQ after AOP interfere. AOP go to put Rey thru announce table but Samoa Joe doesn’t move. AOP beat up Joe and put him thru announce table. Seth Curb Stomps Rey. That’s Raw.