Gail Kim Posts Update On WWE Status, Does Not Respect Vince

Gail Kim, who remains under contract to WWE after requesting her release from the organization two weeks, provided an update Sunday on her status.

“For everyone asking, once again I’m still on a mini-vacation (meaning don’t work for the I-won’t-acknowledge-there’s-any-competition), but have some upcoming appearances and have a few projects on the table,” Kim wrote on Twitter.

“So like I said before, this won’t be the last you see of me. Just be patient. You’ll be seeing a lot of me in this next coming year…

“It’s great that everyone is hopeful but I’m nonofficially/officially done. I’m ready to make things happen for myself instead of leaving it into someone else’s hands. Especially into the hands of a person who didn’t believe in me.

“Why should I waste more of my time when I believe in myself? I’m ready to accomplish things for myself and not for a boss I have no respect for.”

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