GCW Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 9 Results – March 30, 2023

– As part of GCW’s The Collective, Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 9 premiered live on FITE TV from the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Los Angeles, CA. The show begins with commentary from Lenny Leonard and Dan Barry. The no-ropes and no-turnbuckles ring is packed with tonight’s contestants. Every match must be decided by a knockout or a submission. Each competitor is introduced, and Josh Barnett gives a brief speech stating that this event has no equal. Barnett then thanked everyone and said let the battle commence.

– Jeff Cobb defeated Calder McColl via TKO. McCool took Cobb down to start. McColl had the upper hand early on until Cobb hit a big head and arm suplex. McColl struck Cobb, and they rolled to the floor before coming back in. They were exchanging takedowns and strikes. The sparring continued until McColl attempted a flying triangle choke, but Cobb caught him in mid-air and powerbombed him. Cobb then landed a strike, but McColl was knocked out.

– Erik Hammer defeated Calvin Tankman via submission. The match was Hammer’s first in 18 months. Hammer delivered multiple blows, but Tankman was able to withstand them. Hammer won by submission with a takedown and a double wristlock.

– Marina Shafir defeated Killer Kelly via submission. To begin, they exchanged kicks. Shafir maintained control on the mat early on but allowed Kelly to re-establish herself before continuing to take her down and bully her. Shafir dominated with more slaps and punches. Kelly fought back and dominated parts of the match, including a huge German suplex. Shafir caught her with a powerslam after they traded counters. Kelly fought back, but Shafir took her down and submitted her with an inverted triangle choke.

– Kota Ibushi defeated Mike Bailey via TKO. There was no sign of Ibushi’s shoulder injury as he wrestled his first match in over a year. They were both over, but Ibushi received a standing ovation. Before the match began, an emotional Ibushi greeted fans. Bailey approached Ibushi’s corner and bowed, and Ibushi did the same during introductions. To begin, the crowd chanted “Ibushi!” as they traded punches and kicks. They worked on the mat for a while until Bailey accidentally knocked Ibushi to the ground. This energized the crowd for Ibushi, who brought it back in as the back-and-forth offense ramped up. Bailey unleashed a barrage of kicks before landing a standing moonsault double knee to the face. They fought for a few minutes before Ibushi won with a Regalplex and a Kamigoye knee strike. After the match, Ibushi got a big ovation, and he gave Bailey a sign of respect, which may have been a signal for a rematch.

– Erik Paulson’s career was featured in a tribute video for the GCW/Bloodsport Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony. Chavo Guerrero appeared to accept the award. Fans chanted Eddie Guerrero’s name. As Chavo and Erik spoke, there were technical difficulties with the microphone. Chavo provided some background on Erik’s career, and Erik discussed the history and significance of catch wrestling. He also expressed gratitude for the award. Guerrero presented Paulson with the plaque as well as a bouquet of flowers.

– Bad Dude Tito defeated Yuya Uemura by submission. During their entrances, there were also audio issues. There was a lot of back and forth in this. Uemura performed a floor dive on Tito. They came back in, but Tito blocked a suplex and went into the ankle lock for the submission win. Tito shook Uemura’s hand after the match, but then punched him. Uemura wanted to fight, but the referee stopped him.

– Harry Smith defeated JR Kratos via submission. There were some technical issues here, but they traded hard strikes until Kratos went for a Boston Crab. Smith mounted him once more and delivered more ground and pound. Smith regained his footing and landed a powerbomb, but Kratos countered with a high knee. Smith continued to fight, but Kratos stopped him with an enziguri. More stiff strikes were exchanged in the middle of the ring. Kratos attempted a suplex, but Smith countered with a Crossface to secure the submission.

– Johnny Bloodsport defeated Royce Isaacs by submission. There were some early technical issues here as well. Bloodsport did use a Muta Lock at one point. Isaacs was able to break free and apply a rear naked choke, but Bloodsport fought free. They continued to trade holds until Bloodsport attempted a takedown but was met with a piledriver. Isaacs applied the Dragon Sleeper, but Bloodsport fought back and eventually choked Isaacs out with a Guillotine choke.

– Jon Moxley defeated Alex Coughlin by referee stoppage. Coughlin went on the offensive early on, but Moxley fought back. At one point, Moxley pushed Coughlin to the ground to prevent a rear naked choke. Moxley attempted a choke while Coughlin was still on the floor, but Coughlin fought back and landed a powerbomb on the apron’s edge. Coughlin maintained control and landed another powerbomb. Moxley retaliated by using headbutts, a choke hold, and Dirty Deeds. Coughlin returned, and they exchanged more strikes. Moxley landed another punch and a high knee to keep Coughlin down before applying the Bulldog choke. Coughlin fought back, but Moxley eventually applied the D’Arce choke. Coughlin passed out during the hold, and the match was stopped.

– Timothy Thatcher defeated Josh Barnett by submission. For the main event, both competitors got a lot of cheers. Early on, Thatcher launched an aggressive offensive. Thatcher concentrated on the knees, but Barnett went for a knee bar, followed by a suplex. Thatcher attempted the Crab, but Barnett countered with another knee bar. Thatcher began the fight with a kick to the head, followed by more back-and-forth on the mat. Thatcher with more rib strikes, then they traded more mat holds. Before they rolled to the floor, Barnett hit another suplex. They continued, and Barnett nailed a powerbomb, but Thatcher quickly countered with his Fujiwar arm bar. Thatcher went right into a knee bar after Barnett got free. Barnett fought hard but was eventually forced to tap out. After the match, Barnett and Thatcher shook hands and bowed to each other as Thatcher became the first wrestler to defeat Barnett at his own event.