GCW Take a Picture Results – January 21, 2023

GCW Take A Picture Results – January 21, 2023

Kicking off Take A Picture with a tribute video was played for the late Jay Briscoe, who tragically passed away earlier this week. Ring announcer Emil Jay introduced reigning GCW World Champion Nick Gage. Wrestlers on tonight’s card surrounded the ring. A 10 bell salute was observed for Briscoe. Gage said the performers in this evening’s matches will represent Briscoe.

Fatal 8 Way Match
Hunter Drake vs. Brandon Williams vs. Brogan Finlay vs. Donnie Primetime vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Marcus Mathers vs. Terry Yaki vs. Yoya

Brandon Williams immediately went after an ankle lock. Williams locked the move in on 4 different wrestlers at the same time. Jimmy Lloyd took it to Hunter Drake & Marcus Mathers. After Lloyd was sent to the floor, Yoya entered and sent Mathers to the outside. Yaki delivered a DDT and planted Yoya into the mat. Donnie Primetime returned to the ring and was booed by the fans. Williams got the better of Primetime.

Williams leaped from the apron to the floor to take out Primetime. Williams took out Lloyd in the ring. Primetime sent Williams down in the center of the canvas. Yaki attempted to get involved in the action but ate a double superkick. Terry Yaki & Primetime dived to the floor to wipe out the remaining competitors in the match on opposing sides of the ring, Mathers & Drake connected with a corner 2 corner missile dropkick at the same time. They followed it up by delivering a 450 splash simultaneously.

Williams & Yoya fought in the center of the ring. Williams drove Yoya into the canvas and placed him in a submission. Primetime returned and broke up a pinfall attempt. Primetime & Finlay went at it. Yaki took out Primetime. Drake delivers a Spanish Fly to Yaki off the top rope for the win.

Winner: Hunter Drake (8:56)
Rate: 5

Blake Christian vs. Cabana Man Dan

Blake Christian exits the ring in the early going of this match before Christian connects with a chop to the chest and immediately headed to the floor again. After leaving the ring for a 3rd time, Christian finally got into his groove and delivered more chops to Cabana Man Dan. Dan eventually responded with a crossbody. Dan sent Christian to the outside. Christian was taken off his feet with headscissors. Upon returning to the ring, Christian grabbed Dan’s left leg and slammed it against the middle rope. Christian is now targeted the injured leg.

Dan briefly fought back. Christian delivered a superkick to Dan on the apron. Christian took out Dan’s left leg and sent him tumbling to the floor. Back in the ring, Christian engaged with the fans as he continued to punish Dan. Dan eventually found an opening and delivered a DDT. Dan grabbed his flip flop and tried to put it to use. Christian grabs the flip flop and threw it into the audience. Dan connected with a Code Red variation. Christian replied by landing a double stomp from the top turnbuckle.

Dan continued to struggle with his injured left leg. Dan grabbed his 2nd flip flop. However, before he could utilize it, Christian connected with a combination of kicks. Christian charged out of the corner and delivered a dropkick. Dan picked up his flip flop again and nailed Christian in the chest. Dan connected with an uppercut.

On the floor, Christian threw a chair into the ring. The referee took it away. Christian grabbed a 2nd chair and used it as a weapon while the referee was distracted. Christian connected with a stomp in the ring to pick up the victory.

Winner: Blake Christian (15:32)
Rate: 6

After the match Christian draped Dan on a steel chair. Hunter Drake immediately entered the ring and came to the aid of Dan.

Gringo Loco vs. Arez

Arez sent Gringo Loco out of the ring with a dropkick. Arez dived through the ropes to wipe out Loco. Loco was taken out again as Arez delivered a moonsault from the 2nd turnbuckle to the floor. Arez continued to control proceedings as the action returned to the ring.

Arez went for a high risk move. Loco was able to take advantage after he moved out of the way. Loco sent 2 steel chairs into the ring. Loco hung Arez upside down in the corner of the ring. Loco placed a chair in front of his head and connected with a dropkick. Loco set up a steel chair at ringside and pulled out a door from underneath the ring. Arez leaped over the ropes and sent Loco crashing through the door. Arez used parts of the broken door as weapons.

Loco attempted to powerbomb Arez to the floor from the apron. Arez countered and delivered a DDT onto the broken door. Arez connected with a double stomp in the center of the ring but it wasn’t enough to put Loco away. Loco landed a cutter after springing off the turnbuckles.

Loco sent pieces of the broken door and a steel chair into the ring. Arez connected with a super rana from the top turnbuckle to send Loco onto the rubble below. Arez landed a frog splash. Loco kicked out of the pinfall attempt that followed. Arez set up a door bridge in the center of the ring. Arez placed Loco on top of the door. Loco joined Arez on the turnbuckles and delivered a sitout powerbomb through the door to score the win.

Winner: Gringo Loco (15:48)
Rate: 7

Mike Jackson vs. Marko Stunt

Marko Stunt spoke to Mike Jackson and immediately disrespected him. Jackson backed Stunt into the corner of the ring. Jackson dropped Stunt with a belly 2 back suplex. Stunt responded and sent Jackson into the corner. Jackson replied and targeted the left arm of Stunt. Jackson attempted to go for Old School. Stunt put a stop to it. Stunt walked the ropes instead while holding Jackson’s left wrist. Jackson took Stunt down and performed Old School.

Stunt took the fight to Jackson but later allowed the veteran time to recover. Jackson delivered big right hands on the second turnbuckle. Stunt bit Jackson’s head. Both wrestlers went back & forth before Jackson & Stunt collided after going for a clothesline at the same time before Jackson rolls up Stunt to get the win.

Winner: Mike Jackson (11:03)
Rate: 4

Sawyer Wreck vs. Billie Starkz

Match starts off with Sawyer Wreck delivers a big boot to Billie Starkz right off the bat. Starkz grabbed a chair from underneath and struck Wreck with it several times. Wreck lifted Starkz up and dropped her on the steel chair. Wreck grabbed the chair and hits Starkz with it. Wreck placed the chair in front of Starkz and delivered a cannonball. Starkz was slammed onto the canvas with a delayed vertical suplex. Starkz fought back and connected with a kick to the side of the head.

Starkz sent Wreck to the floor. Starkz dived through the ropes twice to wipe out Wreck. Upon returning to the ring, Starkz took control and connected with a series of kicks to the chest. Wreck hoisted Starkz up and sent her crashing down with a powerbomb. Starkz countered Wreck’s 2nd powerbomb attempt. Wreck delivered a chokeslam. Starkz got her shoulder up at the last second to avoid defeat.

Wreck sent a door and two chairs into the ring. Wreck threw a chair at the head of Starkz. A door bridge was constructed in the center of the ring by Wreck. Wreck chokeslams Starkz through the door from the ropes to put Starkz away.

Winner: Sawyer Wreck (8:30)
Rate: 5

Adam Priest vs. Tony Deppen

Match begins with Tony Deppen & Adam Priest traded submissions before Deppen locked Priest in a headlock. Priest forced his way out of it. Priest rolled Deppen’s next submission maneuver into a pinfall attempt. Deppen and Priest exchanged chops to the chest. Priest sent Deppen down with a big elbow. Priest went after Deppen’s leg.

Deppen took Priest off his feet and connected with a knee drop. Deppen leaped from the apron to wipe out Priest on the floor. Priest & Deppen exchanged blows in front of the fans. Deppen repeatedly chopped Priest in the chest as he sat on fans in the front row. Priest delivered a combination of strikes to Deppen in the ring. Priest landed a German suplex from the corner. Deppen drove Priest into the canvas.

Priest sent Deppen to the outside. Deppen backdrops Priest onto the concrete floor. Deppen failed to connect with a double stomp and dropkick upon returning to the ring. Priest connected with a leg drop from the top. Both men went back & forth in the center of the ring then Priest spikes Deppen with a DDT to get the win.

Winner: Adam Priest (10:52)
Rate: 6

Cole Radrick vs. Allie Katch

Allie Katch brought Cole Radrick down to the mat with a headlock. Radrick took Katch down with a hand strike. Katch surprised Radrick with a pinfall attempt. Radrick took Katch off her feet and then connected with a shot to the back of the head. Radrick locked Katch in a chinlock. Radrick continued to keep Katch grounded.

Katch crashed down on the chest of Radrick from the corner. Katch delivered a hip attack and cannonball as Radrick was against the bottom turnbuckle. Radrick responded but failed in his attempts to finish off Katch. Katch & Radrick exchanged forearm strikes in the center of the ring. Radrick hit a DDT. Katch reversed into a cover. Radrick trapped Katch in a submission hold.

Radrick & Katch continued to go back and forth. Radrick struck Katch with a big punch to the face. Katch connected with a kick to the side of the head. Radrick landed two kicks to Katch’s face. Radrick hits Katch with a powerbomb to get the win.

Winner: Cole Radrick (10:27)
Rate: 6

After the match Katch took Radrick out with a hand strike.

Chrisjen Hayme vs. Corey Hollis

Chrisjen Hayme immediately gained the upper hand. Corey Hollis exited the ring. Hayme went after him. Hayme delivered a combination of moves upon returning to the ring. Hayme connected with a moonsault from the 2nd rope to wipe out Hollis on the floor. Hollis sent Hayme into the ring post.

Hollis sent Hayme crashing down on the apron. Back in the ring Hollis connected with a dropkick. Hollis locked Hayme in a headlock. Hayme attempted a roll up. Hollis took Hayme off his feet with a lariat. Hollis headbutted Hayme in the corner of the ring. Hollis connected with a forearm. Hayme eventually responded and sent Hollis into the turnbuckles.

Hayme & Hollis traded forearms in the center of the ring. Hollis charged into the corner, but nobody was home. Both wrestlers attempted a similar move simultaneously. Hayme took advantage of the situation. Hollis stops Hayme in his tracks and locked in a crossface. Hayme delivered a big kick to Hollis. Hayme drove Hollis into the canvas before slamming him down to pick up the victory.

Winner: Chrisjen Hayme (8:31)
Rate: 5

GCW Tag Team Title Match
Los Macizos (c) vs. East West Express

Both teams went at it as soon as the bell rang. East West Express focused on Miedo Extremo and worked incredibly well together to take him out. Los Macizos managed to halt East West Express in their tracks. The match spilled out to the floor. Jordan Oliver & Extremo fought amongst the audience while Nick Wayne & Ciclope battled at ringside.

Extremo introduced a door to the match. He smashed it over the head of East West Express. Los Mazisos set up 2 doors on top of 4 chairs on the floor. Extremo kicks Oliver in between the legs. Los Mazisos sent 2 more doors into the ring. Los Mazisos continued to control the match. Extremo sent Oliver into the ring post.

Wayne fought back and landed a Canadian Destroyer on Extremo. Oliver hit a combination of moves on Los Mazisos. East West Express briefly worked in tandem again. Ciclope delivered a double northern lights suplex to the East West Express. East West Express & Los Mazisos exchanged strikes in the center of the ring.

Wayne sent Extremo through the doors on the floor with a Spanish Fly. Moments later, Wayne leaped over the ropes to wipe out Extremo again. Oliver failed with a pinfall attempt after landing a Clout Cutter in the ring on Ciclope. East West Express & Los Mazisos went back & forth.

Los Mazisos connected with Doomsday but it only got a 2 count. Ciclope delivered a Canadian Destroyer to Wayne through a door bridge set up in the ring. Extremo launched Wayne into another door. Extremo drills Wayne into the mat to win.

Winners & Still GCW Tag Team Champions: Los Macizos (18:55) (STILL CHAMPIONS!!!)
Rate: 7