GCW vs. New South Results – January 22, 2023

GCW vs. New South Results – January 22, 2023

Kicking off GCW vs. New South with the New South Pro Wrestling General Manager Dump Sanders headed to the ring. Sanders spoke about how excited he was about tonight’s show. GCW World Champion Nick Gage came down to the ring. Gage said last night’s Take A Picture was special because of the fans in Alabama. Gage claimed GCW run everywhere they go. Gage wanted a friendly fight between GCW & New South tonight.

Jordan Oliver (GCW) vs. Tyler Franks (New South)

Jordan Oliver attempted to go at it with Tyler Franks but Franks moved out of the way. Oliver took Franks down. Oliver sent Franks out of the ring with a dropkick after delivering a combination of kicks. Franks connected with a flipping neckbreaker as Oliver headed back into the ring. Franks sought to build momentum and came close to claiming the victory with a pin attempt.

Franks & Oliver exchanged blows in the corner of the ring. Oliver delivered an elevated side slam and began to rally. Oliver followed up with a big boot before Oliver struck Franks in the back. Franks surprised Oliver with another pin attempt. Franks ran into Oliver’s boot. Oliver landed Cleopatra. Franks pulled out a brainbuster in response.

Franks connected with a high knee strike. Franks struck Oliver in the back after working over him in the corner of the ring. Franks landed a Rack Bomb then goes for the cover but only got a 2 count. Oliver hit some of his signature moves before connecting with Clout Cutter to get the win.

Winner: Jordan Oliver (14:37) (GCW: 1 New South: 0)
Rate: 7

Brandon Williams’ foot was in a medical boot after sustaining an injury Williams still wanted to compete. Deppen kicks Williams in the foot. Deppen wrapped Willams’ foot in a steel chair. New South GM Dump Sanders came down to the ring. Cabana Man Dan hit the ring to save Williams. The opening bell rang.

Tony Deppen (GCW) vs. Cabana Man Dan (New South)

Cabana Man Dan took Tony Deppen down, the fight spilled out to the ringside area. Dan sent Deppen through several rows of chairs. Dan struck Deppen with a WWE Title brought to the venue by a fan. Deppen took Dan off his feet which resulted in Dan catching his head on a chair. Deppen briefly took control back in the ring before Dan hit back with a flurry of chops to the chest.

Deppen sent Dan down with an STO. Deppen kept Dan grounded and stood on his fingers. Dan had Deppen’s next move scouted and got his knees up. Dan landed a kick. Dan delivered a sunset bomb from the top turnbuckle. Deppen stopped Dan in his tracks with a Codebreaker.

Deppen grabbed one of Dan’s flip-flops. Dan connected with Diamond Dust out of the corner. Dan picked up his flip-flop. Dan and Deppen fought over it. Dan utilized the flip-flop by smashing it against Deppen’s chest. Deppen reversed Dan’s Sliced Bread attempt and delivered a Tombstone. Deppen pulled out a steel chair from underneath the ring. Deppen hit Dan in the back with the chair. Deppen placed Dan’s ankle in the chair. Williams returned to the ring. Deppen attacked Williams and sent him out of the ring. Williams struck Deppen with the medical boot on the apron. Dan nails Deppen to the mat with Shipwrecked to get the win.

Winner: Cabana Man Dan (11:53) (GCW: 1 New South: 1)
Rate: 5

Sawyer Wreck (GCW) vs. Donnie Primetime (New South)

The match starts off with Sawyer Wreck wanted Donnie Primetime to reach her hand high in the air. Primetime brought 2 steel chairs into the ring. Primetime stood on 1 chair to gain the height advantage. Wreck kicked Primetime off the chair. Wreck placed a chair between Primetime’s legs in the corner of the ring and smashed another chair against it. Primetime was hung upside in the corner. Wreck stood in between the legs of Primetime.

Primetime attempted to escape. Wreck caught Primetime and sent him into the ring post. Primetime landed on a fan’s lap. Wreck delivered a double strike to the chest. Primetime turned the tables and whipped Wreck on the back with his belt. Primetime sent Wreck into the concrete wall. Wreck delivered a suplex to Primetime on a wooden ramp. Primetime fought back with a series of chops and headbutts. Wreck replied with a big chop to Primetime’s back.

Primetime smashed Wreck’s head with a steel chair. Primetime launched a chair at Wreck back inside the ring. Wreck picked up Primetime’s belt and utilized it on Primetime’s back. Primetime set up a chair in the middle of the ring. Primetime seated Wreck in the chair. Primetime repeatedly hit the ropes but ultimately locked Wreck in a headlock.

Primetime pulled out a door from underneath the ring but decided not to use it. Primetime connected with a leg lariat. Primetime pulled out some wooden skewers and drove them into Wreck’s forehead. Wreck pulled them out of her head and delivered a big boot to Primetime. Wreck repeatedly dabbed the skewers into Primetime’s forehead. Wreck failed with a pinfall attempt after delivering a chokeslam.

Wreck delivered a superplex from the top turnbuckle. Primetime kicked out of the pinfall attempt that followed. Wreck grabbed the door that Primetime left on the floor. Primetime placed a steel chair in front of Wreck and connected with a corner 2 corner missile dropkick. Primetime set up a door bridge in the center of the ring. Primetime spread thumbtacks on the door. Wreck sent Primetime through the door with a top rope chokeslam to score the victory.

Winner: Sawyer Wreck (17:05) (GCW: 2 New South: 1)
Rate: 6

New South Title Match
Kenzie Paige (c) vs. Billie Starkz (GCW)

Kenzie Paige & Billie Starkz locked up to start things out. Paige took Starkz off her feet. They exchanged slaps in the center of the ring. Starkz & Paige traded chops and forearm strikes. Paige pulled Starkz down with her hair. Paige & Starkz exchanged pinfall attempts. Paige headed to the floor. Starkz dived through the ropes to wipe out Paige.

Starkz missed with a Swanton Bomb. Starkz recovered from the failed attempt and landed a Tombstone. Paige & Starkz traded strikes again in the center of the ring. Paige took Starkz off her feet with headscissors. Paige locked in a modified crossface. Starkz sent Paige into the turnbuckles with a Death Valley Driver. Starkz delivered a powerbomb from the second turnbuckle. Starkz followed up with a piledriver.

Paige pulled out a poison rana and connected with a superkick to the head. Starkz drives  Paige into the canvas with the Joker Driver to get the win or we thought.

The match was restarted when the referee deemed that Starkz used a steel chain as a weapon. The chain was planted by Paige.

Paige struck Starkz in the back of the head with the New South Title before she delivers a Package Piledriver to put away Starkz.

Winner & Still New South Champion: Kenzie Paige (9:11) (GCW: 2 New South: 2) (STILL CHAMPION!!!)
Rate: 4

12 Man Tag Team Match
Team GCW (Arez,Cole Radrick,Gringo Loco,Jimmy Lloyd,Marcus Mathers & Yoya) vs Team New South (Brayden Toon,Chris Crunk,Kevin Ryan,Marcus Dylan,Roloando Perez & Steven Michaels)

Yoya immediately dived into the ring and Team New South threw him back to Team GCW. Marcus Mathers dived into the ring with a crossbody. Steven Michaels took Cole Radrick down. Chris Crunk chokeslams Yoya. Mathers & Crunk fought in the ring. Jimmy Lloyd enters the ring and went to war. Michaels took Lloyd down with a knee strike. Arez entered and took on Michaels. Arez landed a trio of suplexes. Rolando Perez took Arez down. Gringo Loco steps into the ring and fought Perez before Kevin Ryan delivered a DDT and brainbuster to Loco.

Yoya returned and went after Ryan. Radrick went at it with Crunk. Radrick connected with a 619 variation in the corner of the ring. Team GCW was now on top. Lloyd took out Perez. Loco leaped from the turnbuckle to connect with a cutter on Crunk. GCW referee Jesse Fields dived through the ropes to wipe out Team New South. GCW commentator Dave Prazak then performed a moonsault to the floor.

Crunk & Mathers collided in the ring. Mathers connected with an elbow. Yoya was taken out upon returning to the ring. Arez walked the ropes and then delivered a double DDT. Loco connected with a moonsault on Crunk. Perez landed a missile dropkick from the top to take out Loco and Arez. Perez performed a cannonball in the corner of the ring. Yoya & Perez fought. Mathers & Michaels battled. Lloyd returned to take out Michaels. Ryan was spiked by Lloyd. Team New South managed to take control. Perez delivered a big boot to Mathers to get the win for Team New South

Winners: Team New South (14:32) (GCW: 2 New South: 3) 
Rate: 5

Tag Team Match
Bussy (GCW) vs. The Carnies (New South)

Effy & Nick Iggy locked up to kick this tag match off then Effy toyed with Iggy. Iggy used his phone to take a picture of his private area when Effy was on his knees. Allie Katch & the referee both laughed when Effy showed them the picture. Katch & Kerry Awful get tag in. Bussy works together to keep Awful grounded. Iggy was tagged back in and sent Katch into the corner. Iggy pulled Katch’s hair in the center of the ring.

Awful was tagged back into the match. The Carnies continued to work over Katch in their corner. Iggy was tagged back in. Awful pulled Effy off the apron. Iggy locked Katch in a submission. Katch was able to reach the ropes to force a break. Katch delivered a double northern lights suplex to The Carnies. Katch tagged in Effy.

Effy suplexes Iggy. Katch stepped back inside the ring. They worked together to take out The Carnies. Effy was knocked to the floor. Iggy dived over the ropes to wipe out Effy. Awful locked Katch in a Boston Crab. Effy broke up the submission then spears Iggy. Awful sent Effy into the canvas with a Stroke. Awful & Katch exchanged strikes.

Bussy simultaneously delivered piledrivers. Effy connected with a super Sack Ryder from the top turnbuckle. Mr. Stuff got involved. Bussy rips off his shirt, and he was wearing an Effy t shirt underneath. The Carnies took advantage but could not finish off Bussy. Effy landed a Sack Ryder on Awful for the win.

Winners: Bussy (15:02) (GCW: 3 New South: 3)
Rate: 5

Blake Christian (GCW) vs. Hunter Drake (New South)

Hunter Drake wasted little time and immediately went after Blake Christian on the floor. Christian was sent into the concrete wall. Drake connected with a big dropkick in the corner of the ring. Christian exited the ring. Drake performed a moonsault from the top turnbuckle to wipe out Christian below. Christian turned the tables and dived through the ropes to take out Drake. Christian sent Drake into the concrete wall and chopped away at his chest.

Christian delivered a snap suplex back inside the ring. The match headed onto the stage. Christian targeted Drake’s back. Drake joined Christian on the top turnbuckle. Christian dropped Drake onto the top turnbuckle. Drake briefly responded and drove his knees into Christian’s back in the center of the ring. Christian regained control of the match and drove his knees into Drake’s back.

Drake delivered a series of forearms. Drake connected with two kicks. Christian replied with a spear into the ropes. Christian & Drake traded moves. Drake was unable to put Christian away after landing Code Red. Christian responded with a backbreaker and followed it up with a Spanish Fly. Christian & Drake exchanged superkicks. Christian connected with a knee strike after coming off the ropes.

Christian pulled out a steel chair from underneath the ring. Christian set up the chair in the corner. Drake delivered a sitout powerbomb in the center of the ring. Drake performed a Spanish Fly from the top but was still unable to put Christian away. Drake grabbed the chair. The referee attempted to take the chair away from Drake. Christian delivered a low blow and stomped Drake into the chair to win.

Winner: Blake Christian (15:19) (GCW: 4 New South: 3)
Rate: 7

After the match Christian draped Drake over the steel chair. Cabana Man Dan came out to make the save.

Champions vs. Champions Match
GCW Tag Team Champions Los Macizos vs. New South Tag Team Champions Infrared 

Los Mazisos delivered a double superkick to Infrared. Ciclope performed a double stomp from the top turnbuckle. Tyler Matrix sent Extremo to the floor with a dropkick. Infrared worked together to take out Miedo Extremo. Infrared grabs a ladder. Los Mazisos dropkicked the ladder into Infrared. Logan James cleared the ring post to wipe out Los Mazisos on the floor.

Infrared sent the ladder into the ring. Ciclope attempted to gain the advantage Los Macizos. Infrared got the better of him. Extremo broke up a pin attempt. Extremo leaps off the ropes and dropkicked the ladder into Infrared. Ciclope sent a door into the ring. Extremo set the door up in the corner. Extremo was sent through the door. Ciclope swung the ladder while it was on his shoulders.

Ciclope climbed the ladder. James pulled Ciclope off the ladder. James slammed Ciclope into the canvas. James climbed the ladder. Ciclope got back on his feet and delivered a superplex. Extremo followed up with an elbow drop. Extremo sent two more doors into the ring. Los Mazisos set up a bridge with two doors in the center of the ring. Ciclope delivered a Canadian Destroyer to James from the top of the ladder through the doors.

James failed with a pinfall attempt after delivering a low blow to Extremo. James leaped off the middle rope and stomped Ciclope into one of the GCW Tag Team Titles. Infrared focused on Extremo. Extremo sent Matrix over the ropes. Extremo thought he’d finished off James after driving him into the canvas. Ciclope kicked James in the back of the head. Extremo drove James into the mat again to pick up the victory.

Winners: GCW Tag Team Champions Los Macizos (13:50) (GCW: 5 New South: 3)
Rate: 7