GFW Executive Lashes Out At SI Article, Scott Hall’s Son Cody Accused Of Pulling A ‘Sexy Star’

– Kevin Sullivan (not the wrestler), Impact Wrestling VP of Production, issued the following statement in response to Sports Illustrated’s recent article about GFW’s future being uncertain:

“@SInow when did it become ok to print bs? As a journalism major, I find your fact checking to be less than diligent. Will you be following up with another story with the facts? @GFWWrestling is: Launching the Global Wrestling Network. Is launching on Pluto TV. Is launching in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, via ran FIGHTING. And extended their deal on @PopTV ‘Anthem is committed to broadening Global Force Wrestling’s footprint, as we work alongside international broadcast partners…digital platforms and professional wrestling promotions to bring our passionate fans a high-quality product…that not only stands out in today’s media landscape, but continues to thrive into the future.’ Uncertain future?”

– Cody Hall, the son of Scott Hall, has been accused on Twitter by wrestler Vinnie Massaro of pulling a “Sexy Star” on him. Here was their online exchange:

Massaro later added, “I think I explained it. We wrestled, he shot in me and broke my hand. I walked to the back. He never apologized for it. But now if I get Mentions he calls me a pussy. He should be blackballed but his Dad is Scott Hall so he gets a pass. If it was somebody else he would.”