GLOW Original Roxy Astor Comments On Death Of Former Fellow Cast Member (Video)

Roxy Astor (GLOW)
GLOW girl Roxy Astor

Roxy Astor recently appeared as a guest on the latest episode of the More Than A Wrestler podcast for an in-depth interview covering all things pro wrestling.

During the appearance on the popular pro wrestling program, the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling (GLOW) original cast member spoke about the passing of Matilda The Hun and wanting to keep her legacy alive, “Macho Man” Randy Savage being her favorite, the mental health of the GLOW girls and how they got mental health evaluations every couple of weeks.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview where she touches on these topics with her thoughts.

On the passing of her friend Matilda the Hun, and how she wants to keep her legacy going: “Matilda and I connected because we were dreamers. I want people to remember her as she was in GLOW, Spaceballs and as the strong woman. I love you my friend and we’ll keep the Matilda The Hun fire going.”

On how Randy Savage was her favorite: “Love Macho Man, I wanted to be the female Macho woman without the steroids and with my top on. I like the colors. He was strong, he was my favorite.”

On talks the mental health of the GLOW girls at that time: “”We’re not 9 to 5ers. A lot of us can’t go to a regular job. I’ve always felt like I’ve been off my rocker, I think we all were. It wasn’t easy but we just did it. They brought a lot of insecure girls together, to build them up into these characters. You had to have it mentally to keep it together. I was going to be in it no matter what, unless I got paralyzed. I was going to crawl under the ring.”

On how they had mental evaluation every few weeks: “We had an evaluation every few weeks. American Idol was very nice to people during their evaluation. Ours was like your ass is getting big, do something about it. I could take the criticism and grow from it. A lot of girls couldn’t.”

Watch the complete Roxy Astor interview from the latest episode of More Than A Wrestler podcast via the YouTube player embedded below.