GoFundMe Campaigns Launched In Regards To Joey Ryan

There are two GoFundMe campaigns that were recently launched in regards to the Joey Ryan legal cases. Ryan is suing several of his #SpeakingOut accusers and both sides are seeking financial assistance.

One campaign was created for former ROH wrestler Pelle Primeau (Pelle Tsichlis) who is being sued by Ryan for defamation. An excerpt reads as follows:

“I am going to fight, I am going to fight with every fiber of my being to come out on the other end. But I cannot do this alone. My logistic situation puts me in a unique position – I may need to utilize the services of 2 separate forms of legal representation, being that my dispute originates in CA, and I live in PA, I am currently looking at the difficult situation of affording two lawyers to help me fight this battle. In addition, I am preparing for the costs this may incur of time lost at work, additional sessions with my therapist, travel to and from several states throughout the duration of the dispute. While the amount set is a high goal, I believe it is a realistic amount set for what the future may hold – and so everyone whom donates is aware, if the fees needed are not matching the amount raised, all remaining funds will be donated to a charity organization (of our collective choosing) that works in assisting survivors of sexual assault/harassment/retaliation.”

The other campaign was created for Joey Ryan to help with legal costs in suing the accusers. An excerpt reads as follows:

“We are here to represent those who support Joey Ryan, but have to do so anonymously.

We are here to support real justice being served in courts, not on the screens of smart phones and computers.

We are here to raise funds to help cover the vast legal fees associated with the necessary lawsuits filed by Joey Ryan to clear his name and receive compensation for what we believe to be wrongful termination.”