Goldberg Opens Up About Issues With His First WWE Run

Here are a few highlights from Bill Goldberg’s appearance on Broken Skull Sessions courtesy of…

His first WWE run in 2003: “I mean I spent the whole year there being defensive and it translated as offensive. It just, man in all honesty man, I just wanted to get it along. I just wanted to be part of the team. Hey, give me some responsibility — I can tow it. It was different.”

“What it felt like was they accomplished what they wanted to accomplish with me for the year was to completely discount what I had gained prior to that and then have me next to you [at WrestleMania XX] and have me fail miserably — You know.”

Post-WWE: “It did not sit well with me for a long time. I had nothing but animosity towards WWE and anybody and everybody associated with it. You know I had my friends that were, you know kinda excluded from that, but it was a really bad taste in my mouth.”

You can check out the full interview on the WWE Network.