Braun Strowman Update, Goldberg WWE 24 Preview, The Singh Brothers On Paul Heyman

– Above is a new preview for the WWE 24 special on Bill Goldberg that premieres on the WWE Network Monday, November 13th after RAW goes off the air that night.

– No word yet on when Braun Strowman will be back on RAW but he did not appear this week to sell the attack from Kane at WWE TLC. Michael Cole noted on commentary that The Monster Among Men could be out of action for several weeks or months but it’s likely that he returns next Monday night to set up the planned Braun vs. Kane match at WWE Survivor Series on November 19th.

– As noted, WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman appeared on this week’s RAW to accept the Survivor Series challenge from WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. Heyman’s promo took a shot at The Singh Brothers for stealing his shtick to stand behind Jinder and introduce him each week. The Singh Brothers took to Twitter and tweeted the following in response to Heyman’s promo: