Good News For RAW, Booker T Talks About WWE vs. AEW

– WWE got good news with this week’s RAW viewership going up for the post-Money in the Bank PPV edition. The show did 2.521 million viewers which was up from last week’s 2.349 million viewers. WWE also closed the gap with the RAW from one year ago which drew 2.669 million viewers.

Here were the hourly numbers:


– During his recent podcast, Booker T commented on a possible war between WWE and AEW:

“It’s not a competition or anything like that,” Booker stated. “But from a wrestling perspective I know when I was in WCW and I was watching WWF/E, I wanted to be better than those guys. I wanted to know if I could compete with those guys, I wanted to know exactly how good I was. That is where we are right now, the guys are going to have to think totally different as far as How do I make the fans come out here and cheer my name, how do I make the fans think of me as an entity. The this is awesome chant is out the window. Wrestling is back. The war is on and I’m looking forward to seeing exactly what happens with it but from the outside.”