Has Alicia Fox Retired?, Rob Van Dam Comments On WWE RAW Reunion

With Alicia Fox being featured on the RAW Reunion graphic with legends/alumni, fans have been speculating about her status with WWE. Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com noted the following regarding Fox:

“Evidently, Alicia Fox is no longer an active wrestler. She was in every segment. I mean she hasn’t wrestled in months but they never formally released her, so maybe the idea is like, because they never release anyone, so I guess the idea maybe is that she’s not going to wrestle anymore but she’s still under contract. She was very clearly not a member of the active roster. She was out there at the end of the show on the ramp with only the legends. She was a legend here on this show.”

– In a post-RAW Reunion interview, Rob Van Dam commented on his surprise appearance and how it was “super cool” and there’s nothing like performing in front of a WWE crowd: